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The OLOID Solution GmbH offers a broad-based, process engineering consultancy and engineering services.
For this, we experienced engineers from the fields of waste water and environmental and process technology are available.
With our innovative partners we are able to realize cost-effective and energy-efficient systems in the field of water and wastewater treatment.

Our business activities cover:

  1. Expansion / retrofitting unventilated and ventilated pond treatment plants
  2. Energy optimization of pond and municipal wastewater treatment plants
  3. Detection of mixing and flow conditions in nitrification and denitrification tanks, possibly improving the circulation rate
  4. Optimization of existing ventilation systems
  5. Pre-treatment of process water (paper mills, nurseries)
  6. More effective compact sewage treatment plants, and similar systems bio rotors
  7. Liquid manure treatment
  8. Engineering for water and sewage treatment plants
  9. Rental services for test systems
  10. Support for financing the OLOID technology with our financial partners

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