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In this method, the OLOID body is positioned completely below the water surface. The water surface remains still and pulse-like waves propagate through the whole volume of water, that is, no additional oxygen is introduced by the OLOID. The assembly is possible by a float, various fixtures on the pool deck or by the use of deep-lying frames.

Advantages to conventional stirrers

  1. The transformation is performed so that the surface water into deeper layers and the deep-water is brought to the surface.
  2. The flow path is ideal for the positioned on the surface OLOID for use in shallow pool with a large surface.
  3. In cylindrical tanks, the flow reached depth of up to 5 m.
  4. In deep basins combining OLOID deep-lying frames with surface mounted OLOIDs is recommended.
  5. The flow structure has an impulse-like character, thereby can circulate with little energy large volumes of water.
  6. The eighth looped movement of the agitating body leads to good mixing.
  7. The shape and nature of the movement are gentle to the material to be stirred, it hardly develops shear forces (E.g.: microorganisms, activated sludge)
  8. There is an optimal support of biodegradation processes (E.g.: carbon, nitrogen elimination)
  9. The use of solar technology is possible thereby fossil fuels are spared.



Comparison of conventional agitator (left) and the OLOID (right) in a plan (top) and side view (bottom)

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