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Ponds and lakes often suffer the appearance of eutrophication. Waters are principally split into trophic levels. These are then distinguished in ascending order of nutrient load into:

  1. Oligotrophic (low nutrient content and low biomass production)
  2. Mesotrophic (transition phase)
  3. Eutrophic (high nutrient content and high biomass production)
  4. Hypertrophic (very high nutrient content)

The last level is also referred to as the "hypoxic" level, since fish mortality is frequently observed in this level due to the extreme oxygen depletion.
How you can increase your carp yield, we present you in detail in the following flyer:

Whether nurseries, ornamental plant cultures or horticulture, industrial plant production is dependent on clean water of high quality. For reasons of cost, environmental protection, water shortage, prevention of plant diseases and to increase production, the management of water is a strategic pillar of each horticulturists. The following key aspects are important:

  1. Reduction of green algae in water reservoirs: no clogging of filters and irrigation devices, or infection (green colour) of rock wool or polystyrene substrate of breeding plants.
  2. Homogenization of the dissolved oxygen in the water tank, water with high oxygen content promotes plant growth; i.e. Increase in production.
  3. Avoidance of sludge in the water reservoir, the potential for plant diseases is greatly reduced, no cleaning and desludging costs.
  4. In combination with other technologies essential contribution to the purification treatment and reduces costs of disinfection technology.
  5. Avoid cyanobacterial blooms advent.
  6. Avoidance of duckweed growth and odour of stagnant water.

The following benefits apply to both applications by the OLOID - agitator and aerator:

    1. Low power consumption: An OLOID-system requires 250 Watt for 10,000 cubic meters of water, a competitive product between 3-5 kW.
    2. Use without technical infrastructure possible: The OLOID can be installed and operated with photovoltaic panels, which is an important advantage especially in remote ponds.
    3. Cost benefits by using the OLOID as an agitator and aerator.
    4. Automatic adaptation to changing water level thanks to the installation on floats (for example, after heavy rains or when draining water) immersion depth remains without human or mechanical intervention always the same.
    5. Better absorption of oxygen due to circulation and wave formation, through this the entire surface of the pond acts as the active surface for absorption of oxygen; not only the location of the injector.
    6. Improved breakdown of organic load by ideal distribution of the in-taken oxygen and perching of particles.
    7. Reduction of excessive growth of algae and blue-green algae blooms.
    8. Oxygen distribution throughout the entire volume.
    9. In winter additional ice free keeping.

See also unter application ice-free keeping.



Here an OLOID Type 400 in Kynast pond in Berlin.
Nice to see that the pond is held free of ice.



 Here is an OLOID Type 400 in horticulture
in an irrigation pond.


For specific questions regarding your application, please contact us via our contact page and send us possibly one of these questionnaires:

- Ponds / Pond sewage / waste water reactors
- Rehabilitation of ponds and lakes
- Fish farming


Factsheets Lake & Ponds

OLOID Type 200

OLOID Type 200 - in Switzerland

OLOID Type 200 - Water Strider

OLOID Type 400

OLOID Type 600

Factsheets Fish Farming

OLOID Type 400

Factsheets Horticulture

OLOID Type 200

OLOID Type 400

in Switzerland:

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