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Solutions specially developed for you!

Wherever liquid media needs to be circulated or additionally aerated, the OLOID can be used. In most cases, little or no structural changes are necessary to be able to flexibly adapt the OLOID to the respective application.

But we are happy to work with you to develop special solutions for your specific application. We plan and design these for you, build the construction according to your requirements and of course install them on site.

Through the production and cooperation with alfred rexroth GmbH & Co. KG, we have a strong partner who specialises in metal processing and with whom we will find the optimal solution for you.

We can also meet special coatings such as copper-plated surfaces or other wishes, after your request.

A few examples of customer solutions:

Der OLOID als Flanschlösung

Flange: The OLOID can be easily connected as a flange solution in / to a container.

Extended shafts: Extended shafts can be used to get more distance from the agitator to the gearbox.

Copper-plated Oloid: Copper plating prevents algae from adhering. In biological processes, this is not recommended.

Wall Mounting-Cardan: A combination of fixed wall guide and cardan drive for easier maintenance and flooding protection of the motor.

Wall guide with float: This wall guide allows precise tracking of the float at the desired position with changing water levels.

OLOID water striders: When design and technology meet, an OLOID is created as a water strider modeled by nature.

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