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From Oloid to OLOID

Mathematics and physics are always involved in technology. So also with the OLOID.
We have summarised a number of considerations that will gradually outline how the shape of the Oloid was discovered and the geometric-physical properties of the Oloid, resulting in its remarkably low energy requirements in technical applications with our OLOID systems.


The OLOID is a device that can meet 2 functions simultaneously. It serves as a agitator or as aerators. This is defined by the submersion depth of the OLOID body into the water.
OLOID as agitator
OLOID as surface aerator


400 Übersicht

Fig.: Left and Center: OLOID type 400 with float and bridge; Right: OLOID Type 400 with gearbox and motor


At the bridge by the floaters two holes for height adjustment of the OLOID are in place and another 5 holes are available on the gearbox. This allows 10 possible combinations of which 3 for technical reasons are not suitable for the operation. The 7 remaining positions allow a smooth transition from the agitator to agitator with aeration function. This means for the effect of the OLOID also a smooth transition from maximum circulation through good circulation and high oxygen transfer to lower. There are machines available in three sizes. They can be used as a agitator and / or as an aerator. The numbers stand for the length of OLOID body in millimetres.

Produktübersicht skaliertProduktübersicht Foto

Product line from left to right: OLOID 200; OLOID 400 und OLOID 600


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