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With the turbine aerator „HydrO2 - 1000“, the OLOID Solution GmbH offers you an in-house development to supplement our energy efficient OLOID agitators. 

In the aerator, an inner hollow shaft is rotated by the drive. The water is displaced and air is constantly sucked in from the surface due to the resulting negative pressure. At a depth of approx. 1 m, the air is swirled by the rotating turbine into very fine air bubbles. These rise and create a circular, turbulent bubble pattern on the surface. The clog-free operation through our self-developed protected design is particularly popular in the sewage treatment plant sector. The combination with our OLOIDs increases the effectiveness of the ventilation through the energy-efficient distribution of the oxygen introduced.

 HydrO2 1000  HydrO2 1000 mit Schwimmer  HydrO2 1000 mit Schwimmer Seitenansicht
Ill. 1: HydrO2 Type 1000 Ill. 2 und 3: HydrO2 Type 1000 with float  
   HydrO2 - Type 1000
 Motor   SEW
 Protection class   IP 65
 Mains frequenzcy   50 Hz
 Electrical connection   230 / 400 V
 Rated capacity   2,2 kW
 Net power consumption in the water with frequency converter (230 V) at 1450 rpm   1,6 kW
 Turbine pipe lenght   1.000 mm
 Overall height   1.490 mm
 Total weight with float and electronics   124,5 kg


Additional mechanical and electrical data:HydrO2_1000_Tageslicht.jpg

• Turbine wheel: 203 mm diameter, 85 mm high, 1.4571 stainless steel (V4A)  HydrO2 1000 mit Schwimmer Tageslicht

• Turbine tube: 1 m, 1.4571 stainless steel

• Protectice tube: 1.4571 stainless steel

• Coupling: Loewe GK 75

• Bearing: Flange bearing as a creamic bearing material zirconium oxide ZrO2, cage PTFE and  plastic housing made of PBT type FPL white

Ventilation performance (measured at 1450 rpm):

• Air volume flow: 58,5 m3/h

• Oxygen input: 5 kg O2/h


• Standard frequency converter for stepless speed adjustment and energy optimization 

• floating equipment Jetfloat© made of Lupolen 5261 (BASF) with a 1.4571 stainless steel (V4A) construction and adjustable feet

Further information can be found in our technical data sheet HydrO2 – Type 1000.

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